It’s recruitment… but not as you know it

We’re sure you’ve heard it all before… “we’re a recruitment agency, but we’re different” – but we really are. In fact, we’re so different – we’re the first of our kind, anywhere in the world.

Let’s put some facts on the table for you. Our unique service will get your recruitment-to-hire ratio from the dizzy heights of 12:1 right down to around 3:1. Imagine all that time that you’ve wasted in the past interviewing people that shouldn’t have made it through your door. All the hours mindlessly listening to candidates, knowing they’re not going to get the role but you feel you have to be polite and hear them out.

Now imagine instead, being able to get everything you planned to do in your day - done. Imagine being able to leave the office on time and have a life… and imagine a recruitment process that works so well, not only did you find the perfect candidate in record time – with no dramas and no fuss, but you’ve also found that elusive hidden diamond in the rough. A person that on paper, didn’t quite look the part – but once you met him (or her), they shone out more than you could ever have hoped.

We are Energon People. We’re the first technology recruiter in the UK to move entirely to video based assessment at the CV submission stage. Try our world beating service today and we guarantee, you’ll never look back.

Investment & Asset Management

With a combined experience totalling over 60 years, we’re the leaders of the pack when it comes to Investment and Asset Management recruitment. Our understanding of the dynamics of complex markets, products and regulations, combined with our wealth of contacts within the industry, allows us to get you closer to your objectives and ensure you stay ahead of the curve in an ever changing and ever more competitive landscape.

Banking & Finance

In a sector more familiar with Change and Transformation than any other, our depth of expertise has led to us being awarded preferred supplier status with both Tier One Investment Banks and smaller, boutique institutions. Our operations cover London, New York, Paris, Frankfurt and Sydney and we’re adept at meeting the complex challenges often associated with global firms where engagement is needed across a variety of departments including Procurement, RPO and Human Resources.


It’s your people that make your business what it is today and whether you are a team of 50 or a team of 50,000, we understand that only the very best will keep you ahead of the competition. High calibre people extend the potential of your business and that in turn drives profit. Energon People have a wealth of experience providing interim solutions across a range of sectors and a stellar track record of staffing entire projects with 100% delivery to match.

Media & AdTech

Our strength in this sector has seen us build partnerships with some of the world’s most intelligent AdTech platforms, helping them to reach new heights by transforming their technical capabilities. With the digital advertising sector growing by almost 20% year on year and with the rate of growth also on the rise, there’s never been a greater need to make sure you’ve got the pinnacle of talent fighting in your corner.


From a disruptive taxi app to global Microsoft ISVs and even the mighty Oracle – we work with some of the hottest tech firms, big and small across the globe. We cover a broad range of roles including development, infrastructure, testing, software engineering, operations, change management, business analysis and sales & marketing – from junior roles, all of the way through to C-Level Execs.


The start-up world can be frantic and full of risk. We should know, it wasn’t that long ago we were there ourselves. You started with nothing but an idea, a healthy dose of courage and a few words of encouragement… now what you need are the people to make it come to life. We’ve been there, we understand the unique challenges of the start-up world and we can help you jump higher and shout louder than ever before. Let us help you tell the story you’ve worked so tirelessly to create.

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