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Say goodbye to that familiar recruitment story…

We’ve all been there. You’re interviewing candidates for a post… it’s taken an age to get this far. Writing the job spec, loading it on to the job boards, sifting through hundreds of email applications – some of which you’re sure, haven’t even read the job spec or even know what they’re applying for.

Eventually, after two weeks – you’ve narrowed it down to 12 people that you’re going to interview and that task starts today. You’ve got your coffee and your list of interview questions.  You’re not looking forward to spending the best part of half of your day for the next week doing interviews, but you’re high in hope that the first one in the door will be the perfect candidate (after all – he looked pretty damned good on paper) and you’ll be able to bin the rest of the CVs and get on with your day job…

You’ve had a call from reception… the first candidate has arrived and you make your way down to meet him. He’s on his mobile when you walk into reception, he’s untidy looking and greets you with an “alright” as you show him the way to the lift and begin the 90 second journey to the meeting room where the interview will take place.

80 seconds later and you’ve not even made it to the interview but you know this person isn’t the right person for the job. Your chat in the lift has given you an insight into who is the man behind the CV and they’re most certainly not right for this job… or in fact any job within the company, so what are you going to do? You can’t just turn round and tell him to go and so, you sit politely in a room asking hypothetical questions that you’ve no interest in hearing the answers to for as long as you can drag it out… 45 minutes later, you thank him for his time, tell him you’ll be in touch, grab yourself another coffee and hope the next hour isn’t going to be quite as bad.

Sound familiar? Here’s a different story to compare it to…

You’ve got a post that you need to hire for. You write a job spec and between 5 and 10 key questions you would ask an interview candidate. You hand it to Energon People and a few days later you log into their unique video interview platform and review a selection of 15-minute video interviews from candidates that are answering your questions. You’ll see the CV alongside the short video.

From there, you cherry-pick three candidates, completely eliminate the first interview process and bring in the three genuine contenders to interview for the role.  No nasty surprises, no wasted hours, no weeks of interviewing and no danger of missing the diamond in the rough candidate that might not have had the strongest CV but blew the other candidates away in the video interview.

Sounds pretty good doesn’t it?

We are Energon People and our unique video recruiting platform ‘Hinterview’ can reduce your interview to hire ratio from 12:1 all the way down to 3:1. If you would like to learn more contact one of our recruitment consultants today on 0203 582 4111 or visit our website at www.energonpeople.com