Listen, we know you didn’t grow up dreaming of working in technology recruitment. Nor did we.

Sometimes life follows a neat path to lifelong vocation: Study law/nursing/carpentry, become a lawyer/nurse/carpenter, spend your life practicing law/nursing/carpentry. Easy, huh?

Sometimes is doesn’t work out like that, and we’re talking to you! Yeah, you!

Our industry is a peculiar one.

It can (in no particular order) – transform your commercial awareness / change your life / create wealth / offer lifelong skills / propel you to management very quickly / change your outlook beyond recognition

It is also (in no particular order) – hard work / wonderful / exciting / frustrating / unpredictable / irritating / lucrative / challenging

We need you to be (in approximate order) – exceptionally hard-working / intelligent / honest / bright / empathetic / interested in people / sensible / financially motivated.

It is above all else, a sales job. You must be willing to pick up the phone to new customers every day and tell our story. This bit never really changes, so give that some real thought….

If you feel like this sounds like a place you might like to join, and you’re genuinely committed to changing your life, then get in touch.
0203 582 4111