Carsel Ryan

Business Development

"I was born and raised in the heart of London (Islington) where there is rarely a dull moment due to it’s range of cultures and vibrant night life."

"Initially, I worked in Cyber Security recruitment and loved every moment of it. I gained a great deal of knowledge through regularly attending conferences about the latest tech and trends in the Cyber Security space. Since moving to Energon, I have enjoyed the challenge of switching my area of specialism and focussing on JavaScript Business Development."

"Outside of work, I am a staunch Arsenal fan and regularly travel home and away to watch them play. Travelling is another huge part of my life and I plan on taking a road trip across the USA as soon as possible!"

#About Me :)

Favourite Food: Spaghetti Bolognese

Place to Visit: Montmartre, Paris

Random Fact: Swam with Sharks