Courtney Brady

Talent Adviser

# Profile

Being born and raised in London, I have had always had the passion to work in the city  in a fast-paced rewarding environment. Upon completing my degree in Criminology, I wanted to be involved in an up and coming booming industry. I specalise in Data Science here at Energon which has skyrocketed in the last decade, revolutionising economics, social science and business strategies.


Outside of work I love to travel, after finishing University I spent the summer travelling around Asia with four of my closest friends. As far as interests go my friends and family are who I am most passionate about, I enjoy down time in their company. I also go to the gym regularly as it is the perfect stress reliver in my line of work and also health is wealth.


# About me :)


Favourite Food: Steak

Place to visit: Thailand

Fun Fact: I walked on the pitch with Malouda (Chelsea player) after winning a competition when I was 11.