John Sutton

Customer Success Manager

# Profile
“Originally from Sydney, I moved over to London after graduating from university and have loved every minute of it. I always wanted to live and work overseas and London has not disappointed, with endless things to do from museums to cool bars, it has quickly become one of my favourite cities in the world. Working as Account Manager at Energon has allowed to to use some of my skills in talking a variety of people and building long term, positive relationships. I really enjoy working with my clients not only professionally, but getting to know them on a more personal level.”

“I am an avid sports fan of any and every sport you can think of. I lived in Hawaii growing up and started playing American football and now love watching the NFL and even got to meet my favourite player of all time. If I am not watching or playing sports I try to travel and explore new places as much as I can.”

“Would love to come down and meet you to learn more about you and your company and get to work together in the future!”

# About me :)
Favourite food: Korean BBQ
Favourite place to visit: Sandy Beach, Hawaii
Random Fact: Skydived out of a helicopter over the Swiss Alps