Lloyd Axten


# Profile
“After completing a degree Industrial Design I set up and ran 2 business. Both of which done well but working on my own wasn't for me. I decided to board the roller-coaster that is recruitment and its been a hell of a ride. I started my career working for a FTSE company where I built and grew teams and moved to set up and grow Energon. I really enjoy the amount of care an attention we can give our clients at Energon compared to the KPI-tastic large plc that I used to work for.”

“I would love to tell you all about our business and how we may be able to help you hit your goals for
hiring in the future. Look forward to hearing from you. Cheers!”

# About me :)
Favourite Food: Steak
Place to visit: Fraser Island, Australia
Random Fact: Sailed across the Atlantic