Testing / QA


It doesn’t matter whether you’re a 10-man fintech start-up, a multi-million pound corporate or an enterprise-scale goliath, Quality Assurance still has the power to make or break your business. Done well it can save you money, build your brand reputation, drive profit and sit you at the top of your industry. Done badly and you could very quickly, find yourself dusting off your old CV.

Yes, technology has caused a shift in QA mind-set, enabling many tasks – which were previously carried out by larger manual teams, to be automated. It doesn’t take away the need for great people however, and we’ve seen proof of this recently with the rise of Microsoft’s concept role, the “Software Developer in Test”.

So regardless of your size of business, your priorities or your chosen QA methodology, you’re still going to need testing expertise with a mastery of the core principles of QA. You’ll want someone who knows what an acceptable level of test coverage is, who knows when to automate and when to stick to manual, who knows when to stop testing and when it’s appropriate to stop a release.

Here at Energon, we pride ourselves in delivering just that and we technically screen all of our QA’s to lift the fog in a market where so many CVs look identical – helping to bring clarity to the recruitment process.


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