Vue JS


Created by Evan You, Vue JS is a progressive framework for building user interfaces. It’s an open-source, front end framework that’s designed to be incrementally adoptable. A great advantage is its versatility, meaning it can be easily integrated with other libraries or existing projects. 

Vue is similar to Angular in that it wants you to mix HTML layouts with JavaScript. But where it differs is that Vue is much simpler and less restrictive, and it doesn’t require you to learn JavaScript once more. It’s here that it gains some advantages over Angular.

Simplicity was the basic idea behind the development of Vue.js. The end goal was to enable developers to code only using a few lines - achieving good results with as little effort as possible.

Vue JS is also great for working with components as it needs relatively little overhead because single-file components can store all the codes such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in a single file.

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