Devops & Automation


Hands up who remembers what a Release Manager used to do?

That might seem like an arrogant question today, but it’s no small secret that Jez Humble and Dave Farley’s seminal book on Continuous Delivery has changed the way we deploy software forever.

At the root of this market shift is the simple automation of repetitive manual tasks that has been the key to efficient production ever since Henry Ford’s assembly line in the first years of the 20th century. Today innovative development methodologies and OpenStack tooling has made automation a revolutionary force in software engineering.

And at the pinnacle of the movement to automate stands the DevOps Engineer. A role that only exists because of the recent aligning of the agile development, cloud storage and automation stars.

With the advent of the Cloud, deployment is no longer handled by Release Managers and Sys-Admins bumbling about in a basement server room. Your servers are now more likely to be in Crawley, California or even China and that doesn’t matter, because they can be administrated remotely through a configuration management tool like Chef or Puppet. Doing this however, means DevOps will not just be concerned with the smooth deployment of individual releases but with the automation of the many releases that come with continuous delivery.

Predictably, the industry has reacted with a “goldrush-esque” style race to catch up with the neighbours and this has brought all of the usual technology market teething problems and idiosyncrasies. That in turn has created a minefield of recruitment problems for the team trying to hire quality staff.

At Energon we have the Blue-Hatted, mine-sweeping expertise to help guide you safely through. We have the experience and the judgement in this market, to identify the talent from the wannabes and we have the expertise to attract and secure them for your organisation.


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