Software Engineering


To put it simply, you’d be hard pushed to find any agency more qualified to meeting your objectives in this field. We can help you connect with and hire some of the world’s top talent in software development using a tailored blend of attraction techniques, ranging from the usual advertising, headhunting to the more creative such as technology quiz nights and targeted cake couriering campaigns.

Over the years, we’ve developed and fine-tuned an extensive set of technical questions for each of the major programming languages in use commercially… and one or two of the more esoteric languages (any Ada fans please send your questions on the back of a postcard). We back up these questions by sending our consultants on 101 OO programming courses, which helps us to ensure we only represent truly technically competent coders.

At the core of what we do is our intimate understanding of the London technology market’s zeitgeist, which we use to identify, attract and then secure the right candidates for each brief we are given. 

We know:

Who is doing what in the market (where to find talent quickly and effectively)

What the top technology talent in the market is looking for

What rates and salaries the market is paying

What technologies are in vogue and which ones are mainstay

What companies are making waves in the recruitment market and why

Most importantly we understand how these affect the career aspirations of today’s technologist and we use that understanding to further enhance our recruitment capabilities.

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