Join the revolution

Listen, we know you didn’t grow up dreaming of working in technology recruitment. Nor did we.

Sometimes life follows a neat path to lifelong vocation: Study law/nursing/carpentry, become a lawyer/nurse/carpenter, spend your life practicing law/nursing/carpentry. Easy, huh? Sometimes is doesn’t work out like that, and we’re talking to you! Yeah, you!

Our industury is a peculiar one... It can (in no particular order) – transform your commercial awareness / change your life / create wealth / offer lifelong skills / propel you to management very quickly / change your outlook beyond recognition.

It is also (in no particular order) – hard work / wonderful / exciting / frustrating / unpredictable / irritating / lucrative / challenging.

We need you to be (in approximate order) – exceptionally hard-working / intelligent / honest / bright / empathetic / interested in people / sensible / financially motivated.

It is above all else, a sales job. You must be willing to pick up the phone to new customers every day and tell our story. This bit never really changes, so give that some real thought….

If you feel like this sounds like a place you might like to join, and you’re genuinely committed to changing your life, then get in touch.

what are our plans for energon?

We are on a journey. A journey that ends with a wealth creation opportunity for everyone that is here at the end. We think we have a unique opportunity for future business leaders that really want to make a difference. Our plan is to grow to 75+ people over the next 5 years. We need people like you to help us to do that... Want to hear more about out plans? Give us a call!

Take a look at our "Why should others join the revolution?" vidoe below so see a bit more about why you should join! If you are interested in having a chat with you to find out more then we would love to hear from you! 

  • Why should other people join the revolution?

    We are looking to grow. We think we are a great place to work. We think we have a lot of opportunity for progression. We know we are going to be successful. We would like to speak to you :) Here is why our staff think you should join the revolution.

  • Why did you chose to join Energon?

    Hear why our current staff members chose to work here at Energon. People chooes to work for companies for a number of differnt reasons. Why are you going to choose to join us? :)

  • Whats the culture like at Energon?

    When people come to meet us the question that we get asked the most is "What is the culture like?" Culture is so important. You spend a lot of time at work so enjoying where you work is really important. Here is a quick vidoe about our culture. If you want to hear more come and meet us. :)

  • Whats your best work moment?

    There are lots of highs and lows in the talent game. We like to make sure we celebrate the wins and support each other in the bad times. Here is a vidoe of some of the good times so far.

  • Whats your funniest moment so far?

    Its a laugh a minute here. We like to work hard but have a laugh while we are doing it. Here are a few moments that stand out.

  • Why should other people join the revolution?
  • Why did you chose to join Energon?
  • Whats the culture like at Energon?
  • Whats your best work moment?
  • Whats your funniest moment so far?



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